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Transform your holiday rental with Tropia-Art wall art prints

Take your guests on a visual journey through tropical lands filled with magic and mysticism with wall art prints that tell a story.
Take your guests on a visual journey through tropical lands filled with magic and mysticism with wall art prints that tell a story.

From the second the key turns in the lock to the moment a guest steps into your holiday rental for the first time you have mere minutes to enchant your guests. It is no easy feat. Especially not when guests can see nearly every detail of the home online before arrival. Yet, there remains one way to capture the imagination of your guests and that is through your choice of wall art prints. It is always a treat to travel somewhere new and discover interesting works of art, perhaps created by artists unknown to you. However, since you want the experience in your home to be perfect, setting the scene requires some planning. So, if you are thinking of choosing Tropia Art prints for your holiday cottage, we have put together a handy guide to help you pick the right works of art for each room.

Why choose Tropia Art wall art prints for your holiday home?

With luscious palm trees, Goddess-like women dressed in folkloric styles and exotic animals making regular appearances in prints, you could say that Tropia Art was made for the eyes of intrepid explorers. The world of Tropia Art is a tropical utopia situated between a paradise island and the galactic cosmos. The artist, Jil-Laura draws her inspiration from her personal adventures to far-flung destinations making travel a key theme throughout her work. Destinations such as the Canary Islands, Mexico and Africa are popular choices and their rich, ancient cultures are visible in Tropia Art wall art prints. If you want your holiday rental to stand out in the listings and appeal to creative, bohemian souls, these prints are ideal for creating a dreamy hideaway full of magic and mysticism.

Creating a home from home with custom wall art

The best way for guests to immerse themselves in their holiday experience is through storytelling. Imagine creating a visual guide to the local area and displaying it across the blank walls of your holiday home. Commissioning custom wall art prints to bring to life the myths, legends and folklore of your destination will certainly boost the wow factor of your rental. Include local landmarks, iconic plants and even your property itself in the artworks. You could also break the themes down on a room by room basis including watery scenes in the bathroom, edible flora and fauna in the kitchen and landscapes bathed in moonlight for the bedroom. Yet, if commissioning custom artworks is out of budget, you can help guests create happy holiday memories with limited edition Tropia Art prints.

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Wall prints for the entrance way

First impressions count, especially when your visitors have been travelling for hours. Since your holiday home is a blank canvas, the entrance way is the ideal place to set the scene for their stay and to invite guests to explore the local area. Since the Tropia Art studio is based in the Canary Islands, it is easy to find prints that celebrate Canarian culture. If you happen to have a holiday home in the Canary Icons, pay homage to Canarian religious icons or invite your guests to enjoy the island’s fabulous beaches. If your holiday rental is further afield, deep in the Tropia Art archives you can find prints that will transport you to infinite desert landscapes, the USA’s wild west or even the sunbaked terrain of Australia. Choosing location specific wall art prints for the entranceway allows guests to get swept up in the magic of their holiday from the very first moment.

Prints for wall decor in the kitchen

Since the kitchen is a functional area of the home, it often gets overlooked when it comes to selecting perfect wall art prints for the home. Show your guests that you care about the details and select prints that connect guests to the local gastronomic scene. For homes in tropical climates, celebrate nature’s bounty with wall art prints of exotic fruits. Bananas, papaya, oranges, the list is endless. Not only will this add vibrant pops of colour to your kitchen decor, it will also encourage guests to eat their five-a-day. However, if your rental is located in cooler climes, consider adding forest themed prints as a hint to all the delicious treasures that can be foraged from the woodland surroundings.

Bedroom wall art prints

Ensure guests drift soundly off to sleep by choosing wall art prints that soothe the soul. From the moment guests step foot into this room, they will be swept up in a world of myth, legend and luxury. Calming colour palettes and nocturnal subject matters promote sweet dreams and prints such as Tiger Moon, Desert Magic and the Cosmic Bull all combine these properties. Since Tropia Art prints depict the daydream landscapes of our imaginations they add a special magic to the bedroom walls. If your holiday rental has more than one bedroom, consider picking a theme, in keeping with your colour scheme and interior decor, for each one. Creating a gallery wall is one of the creative ways to add personality to your home without compromising on space. Choose a selection of prints of varying sizes and display them in a collage layout on the bedroom’s empty walls. Pick wall art prints that share the same storytelling thread so that there is a narrative for guests to follow.

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Large wall art for the master bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house and deserves special attention. Imagine waking up each morning to views of the flower Goddess radiating her positive light across the room while protecting the space from evil. Or, feeling the calming, wholesome energy of Mother Nature with a print collage celebrating life. Guests are guaranteed to feel so blissed out that it will be hard to get out of bed in the morning. Since the master bedroom is the largest in the house, it requires art that makes a statement. Try creating a focal point by placing a large wall art print of the Soul Tree in the centre of one of the walls, then place smaller sized prints of the palm tree series in a collage layout surrounding the Soul Tree. Featuring nature on bedroom walls is a fantastic way to bring the room to life while still maintaining a calm and relaxed feeling. Plus, don’t forget the bedside table. This tiny surface is an ideal space to include smaller works of art that add the perfect finishing touch to the decor.

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Print wall art for the bathroom

The bathroom is often one of the most overlooked places in the home for displaying wall art prints. Yet, this doesn’t mean that it is a room void of personality. On the contrary. Holiday homes by the beach can go to town decorating their bathrooms with all sorts of seaside themed art. While properties inland have the unique advantage of being able to draw upon aquatic themed myths and legends for their bathroom decor. Prints like Moonlight Pool and Underwater Treasure are natural choices for any holiday home bathroom decor as they invite guests to dive deep both literally and metaphorically into the world around them – a thought provoking concept to ponder while brushing teeth!

Prints for the living room

The living room is the heart of the home and the place where guests retreat to after a long day out exploring. It is in this room that you want to inspire guests to become great adventurous and savour everything the local area has to offer. Just like in the entrance way, it is a good idea to keep wall art prints for the living room location themed to help guests live the holiday of their daydreams. If you own a Mexican vacation rental property, take the opportunity to turn your walls into the pages of a history book with Olmec Tribe prints. Educate guests about this ancient civilisation and their fascinating way of life while also providing a dazzling feast for the eyes. Alternatively, use your wall decor to empower female solo travellers. Inspire them to venture out and explore new horizons with pints like the Keops Safari which tells the story of 20th century female solo explorer Sophia Lane Poole.

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The importance of wall art prints

The feminine, visionary and mystical style of Tropia Art has an alluring way of weaving together cultures past and present. As you can see, this unique style blends beautifully with any room of the house creating an interior decor theme full of fantasy and symbolism. Delight guests with the whimsical wall art prints laced with storytelling that captivate the imagination and encourage guests to connect with their surroundings on a deeper, emotional level. Art adds flare to your property unlike anything else and wall art prints, if chosen well, can boost your booking rates substantially.

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