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Thank you very much for your interest in wholesaling.
Please contact me via email with more information about your business and the kind of wholesale collaboration you are thinking of. I will answer you as soon as possible.

NOTE: At this time I am offering only prints at a wholesale rate.

The prints with size 20x30cm, 20x20cm and 30x40cm are individually packaged in a sleeve with a backing board and will ship in 1-2 weeks from the time of order. (please note: prints larger than the named sizes, will ship separately from the rest of the order and will not be provided with backing boards or sleeves, due to logistical restraints)

Find more information and a general price list below and for any more questions please

Contact here

Sizes Wholesale: 20x30cm // 20x20cm // 30x40cm
30€ ud. // 30€ ud. // 50€ ud.

20 ud. 20x30cm // 20x20cm 600€ 40% discount 360€
20 ud. 30x40cm 1000€ 40% discount 600€

50 ud. 20x30cm // 20x20cm 1500€ 40% discount 900€
50 ud. 30x40cm 2500€ 40% discount 1500€

100 ud. 20x30cm // 20x20cm 3000€ 40% discount 1800€
100 ud. 30x40cm 5000€ 40% discount 3000€

International shipping costs: 30€ fix price

Delivery: Printed on fine Vergé textured 300g paper with papyrus effect printed on, supported by a cardboard and wrapped with a transparent plastic bag. The packaging is sealed by a “Tropia” Label Sticker and contains a “thank you” card inside. Each print is signed.

Damage: By damage during the shipment, please contact to start the refund process.

Copyrights: The Copyrights belongs to “Tropia” and the product can not be sold under another name or label.

Handling product: The product can be taken out of the packaging for framing or other kind of manipulation. But the sold product always has to contain the Tropia “thank you” card and information about the artist.

Sale price: Tropia recommends the general unit price, but the wholesaler is allowed to adapt prices to his business and country.

Payment: The payment has to be done before the shipment of the product via bank transfer or paypal.
The invoice will be sent afterwords with the required information.

Production and international Delivery time: 3 – 4 weeks

Thank you!