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Orange Blossom Limited Edition Print


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It was the month of July starting summer, the Mediterranean air was warm, the birds were singing happily in the background and the sound of the sea approached from time to time with the salty breeze through the leaves of the orange trees. She went with her self-braided palm tree basket to harvest the first oranges of the year already thinking about the sweet juice that she had planned to enjoy for breakfast. Fruits generally symbolize fertility and prosperity because they are the bounty provided to us by nature. The orange especially is also associated with good luck, joy, and creativity.On the other hand, the orange tree symbolizes generosity and wisdom. It can also represent chastity and purity, its why brides in ancient times wore white orange tree flowers in their hair.
Do you enjoy botanical artwork? This nature inspired illustration combines beautifuly with the Orange Blossom Print.

CUSTOM SIZE: If the size you are thinking of is not included or you want something bigger than 40x60cm, please contact me here.

NOTE: These artworks are drawn by hand and colored / retouched digitally. The artwork is printed on high quality natural matte white paper, and the ‘papyrus paper effect’ is printed onto the white paper.

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