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Limited edition art prints: Uncover the meaning of this art term

You may have heard of the commonly used term “Limited Edition” but what does it really mean? Discover Tropia Art founder Jil-Laura’s definition of this classic art term.
You may have heard of the commonly used term “Limited Edition” but what does it really mean? Discover Tropia Art founder Jil-Laura’s definition of this classic art term.

The art world can sometimes feel like an unwelcoming place. Its snobby vibe is often associated with high school cliques. Yet, this misconception could not be further from the truth. In reality, the art world provides a space for creative souls to express their ideas and values through vibrant aesthetics and decorative elements. Art brings people together, creates a visual culture and entertains. Yet, there are still some tricky art terms that can make people feel left out of the gang. Terms such as “Limited Edition” are notorious for causing discomfort and confusion amongst shoppers. While there is one overarching definition for this term, it can mean a different thing to every artist. So to banish any hesitancy that stops you from enjoying art in its full glory, we have created a handy guide to explain what limited edition art prints are in the paradise land of Tropia Art.

What is edition art?

If limited edition art describes a small number of prints that have been printed at one time, then the edition describes the print run itself. Prints are produced in a series which is known as an edition. These editions can be unlimited which means an endless number of prints from that plate or scan can be produced. Yet artists like Tropia Art tend to control numbers by limiting the number of times an edition can be printed, hence the term limited edition prints.

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What are limited edition art prints?

Simply put, limited edition art prints are copies of an original artwork that has been reproduced a limited number of times. This can be 100 times, 50 times or they can be so rare that only 5 in the whole world exist. You will know which number in the series your print is by the marking on the back of the print. For example, if it says 10/100 it is the 10th print in a series (edition) of 100 prints. The idea behind this concept is to protect the value of the artwork by creating scarcity. People want to feel like they are buying something special that they are not going to find in every living room across the globe. They could buy an original, but quite often original artworks are not for sale, or they are sold for an exceptionally high price. Limited edition art prints allow people to own something extraordinary that not everyone is able to own, but for a more affordable price.

Tropia Art limited edition prints

Each Tropia Art print is infused with a cosmic energy that remains potent thanks to the limited edition print run of each creation. Jil-Laura’s illustrations are inspired by her travels and the world around her and are often super-charged with mysticism and tradition. The pages of her notebooks come to life with pointillism style drawings which are then scanned and digitised with colour and a papyrus effect before being printed onto a luxurious natural Cotton textured 300g paper. From start to finish, so much love, creative energy and magic is poured into each artwork and to maintain this, Jil Laura contains the print run to 100 copies of each illustration. Each signed and numbered print finds its way into the home of someone who can benefit from its energy and since it hasn’t been diluted, the print acts as a talisman to protect and inspire the onlooker.

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Limited edition prints value: What are they worth?

Understanding the value of limited edition art prints can sometimes be tricky. However, a general rule of thumb is that signed and dated art prints generally retain their value and quite often increase in value over time. An example of a valuable limited edition print is Picasso’s Le Repas Frugal which sold at auction in 2012 for GBP 1,945,250. This was one of the first ever prints made by Picasso and it definitely goes to prove that art prints can be a worthwhile investment. So much goes into determining the value of an art print that collecting art can appear to be a stressful endeavour. But, in fact it is very simple. There are some key factors that determine a print’s value. These are:

The artist’s reputation and experience
The quality of the print and paper
The printing process
The number of copies produced (the fewer, the more exclusive the print)
Artist signatures and print numbering

This goes to show that value doesn’t just refer to the monetary value of an artwork. Each artwork created by an artist, famous or not, holds value. This is thanks to the love, attention to detail and the specialised processes used to take a concept and turn it into a decorative object.

Giving signed limited edition prints as gifts

Art has the power to unite people which is what makes it such a thoughtful gift idea. Offering limited edition art prints as gifts, especially ones that have been signed by the artist is the perfect way to show a loved one that you care. Birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming and Christmas are common gifting opportunities. Yet, there are some major milestones that are also worth celebrating.

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Limited edition art for young women

Tropia Art prints promote femininity and empower the onlooker through images of women in folklore, nature and Goddesses. The transition of girl to woman is a ritual that has been experienced since the dawn of time. It was once widely celebrated and women were sent to red tents to rest during their time of the month. Today, this life-changing event often passes by widely uncelebrated. Limited edition art prints of the lunar cycle make an ideal gift for a mother to pass down to her daughter to commemorate her journey from child to woman. If cared for with love, this print can even be handed down to future generations when their time comes.

Limited posters for a new home

Both men and women embody feminine energy along with masculine energy. The home is a shelter and a sanctuary so by filling it with feminine energy, the space will feel relaxed, safe and creative. If you know someone moving house, help them to fill their space with good luck and positivity. Limited edition art prints of nature are not just a beautiful way to create a calming vibe at home but they also make ideal gifts for both genders. Yet, you could also call upon the power of the Peace Goddess in order to create a calming and conflict free home environment. Place her image in the living room or the kitchen to help reduce stress and disputes at home. But, if you wanted something with a bit of a playful edge, look no further than the Visitors limited edition print. This extraterrestrial inspired print will bless the house with its galactic energy making it a welcoming environment for all who visit.

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Choosing professional art prints for your home

The easiest way to choose professional art for your home is to go by your personal taste. Think about your gut reaction when you see a print. What does the imagery symbolise? Does the print hold any special meaning to you? Consider how it will look and feel inside your home. Let yourself be guided by the messages the artwork transmits and fill your space with visual magic. At Tropia Art, we believe that each print has a home waiting for it. Art is a powerful tool used to guide us through life changing events. When choosing art for your home consider the subject matter of the artwork and how it influences the energy in your living space. For example, artworks depicting nature will create a calming feeling while Goddesses will enhance an empowering vibe.

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