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Symbol Art: Uncover the hidden meaning of the palm tree in art prints

As the symbol of Tropia Art, the palm tree plays an important part in all Tropia Art prints. Uncover the meaning behind this majestic tree.
As the symbol of Tropia Art, the palm tree plays an important part in all Tropia Art prints. Uncover the meaning behind this majestic tree.

Uncovering the meaning behind key symbols found in artworks is like cracking a code to a tomb full of treasure. The ancient knowledge that is locked up in visual symbols has been a timeless form of communication that has united civilisations since the dawn of time. From the days of the cavemen who decorated their dwellings with powerful symbols of the Gods to protect them from evil to the Egyptian times when intricate drawings known as hieroglyphics were used to communicate, humans have relied on imagery to tell stories. Up until recently, literacy rates were low so imagery was the only way to record history or warn of forthcoming events. This visual storytelling has evolved and is used to this day by artists and brands who rely on symbol art to convey convincing messages to consumers.

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The power of symbol art

Without symbols, we have nothing. Stripping the concept back to its bare bones, symbols are all around us. Take them away and we are left with a barren landscape that is desolate and lacking hope. Symbol art is a powerful tool fuelled by our cultural understanding of the world around us. People identify with symbols, pray to symbols, worship them and use them for protection, guidance and empowerment. Symbols are more than visual motifs, they are tools and should be used wisely. They also have the power to change meaning depending on the region, culture or time in which they are viewed. The serpent is a prime example of this. This creature was once viewed as an empowering symbol of divine feminine energy rich in wise, healing powers yet once patriarchy took hold of society this innocent spirit animal was held responsible for corrupting morality in the garden of Eden. Other ancient symbols such as palm trees, the symbol of Tropia Art, have maintained their meaning over time. However, very few people are aware of the beauty and force that this botanical symbol holds.

Palm trees in Art

Throughout the ages, the palm tree has been used to convey the hope of prosperity, salvation and the soul of life itself. It is undisputedly one of the most represented trees in the art world. In modern times, it has come to symbolise a utopian paradise and a yearning for an escape from the mundane. Palm trees originated from the Middle East and the Mediterranean and in Christian, Islamic and Jewish religious iconography the palm symbolises fertility and harmony. If we go back to the times of the ancient Minoan civilization on the island of Crete it is possible to catch a glimpse of palm trees in art. The Minoans relied on symbol art to connect with the Gods and the image of a palm tree accompanied by two phoenixes sitting on either side of its base is commonly used. This symbol was found in the palace of Knossos, located behind the throne of the main Minoan goddess. It was believed that the palm tree embodied the energy of the goddess and the phoenixes guarded the gates between heaven and earth. 

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The meaning behind the Tropia Art logo palm tree line art illustration

The tropical utopian paradise of Tropia Art is closely guarded by the majestic palm tree. It is commonly understood that “phoenix” is another word used to describe the palm, further linking it to the sun goddess and eternal life source. In Egyptian times, the sun goddess was omniscient, immortal and capable of powerful magic. She helped people transition from the present life into the afterlife and was responsible for creating a feeling of joy, warmth and pleasure. Attributes that represent Jil-Laura’s artwork. The palm tree has always been closely linked to goddess figures and since ancient times has been the solar tree of the goddess. Palm trees are a wonderful icon to include in a logo design since they are versatile plants that adapt to their surroundings, wherever the elements, while still maintaining their beauty. In the world of Tropia Art, the palm tree represents a strong female soul who calmly adapts to whatever life throws her way while still remaining radiant and happy.

Using large framed wall art to capture the essence of the palm tree

It is clear that the palm tree is more than a luxury tropical icon. It has been celebrated and worshipped by ancient cultures which means that its power is undeniably strong. Yet, how can we benefit from this? The answer is simple. We can all bathe in the powerful energy of the palm tree. All we need to do is listen to our intuition and let it guide us to symbol art that speaks to our soul. With so many varieties of palm trees, there are countless visual variants to choose from. Fill your space with palm tree art, large or small, and soak up its restorative energy. At Tropia Art, the palm tree is a common motif throughout all artworks. Here are some of our favourite ways to benefit from this botanical beauty.

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Tune into the ancient wisdom held in a digital art illustration of a palm tree

Palm trees have been sacred symbols in Morocco since the dawn of time thanks to their ability to retain water – key for survival. These hardy trees are warriors ready to withstand the challenges that life throws their way. Seeing a palm tree in the desert elevated the spirits of weary travellers as it meant that water was close by. It is estimated that there are over 5 million palm trees in the Sahara desert, each one living for around 150 years. Just imagine all the wisdom that they guard inside of them! When you are faced with life’s toughest moments and you feel uprooted, just remember the Moroccan palm. Despite sandstorms and the blazing hot sun, it remains deeply rooted and sways with every gust of wind. Let it be a reminder that life is never without its storms but to survive them we must remain deeply rooted in our soul so that it can guide us to serenity.

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Using palm tree illustration wall art to connect with the divine feminine

In ancient times, a palm tree branch was a symbol of victory and triumph as well as a representation of peace and eternal life. In ancient Egypt, a palm tree represented immortality. In many cultures it is also seen as a symbol of fertility, a sentiment echoed by its connection to the sun goddess. Eastern cultures view the palm tree as a representation of the spine and the crown chakra. The crown chakra is responsible for inspired thought, transformation and connection to the divine. Date palms are commonly used to convey this metaphor since the dates resemble the pineal gland. Consider creating a shrine to your feminine energy and placing a date palm at the centre. Decorate it with violet and white belongings that represent your feminine side and in turn will help unblock your crown chakra. Light a scented candle, place crystals on the shire and meditate daily focusing on the feminine qualities of the palm and how they are reflected in your life.

Other key symbols in botanical art

Aside from the palm, symbol art is full of botanical references. Symbolism is a safe and reliable way to transmit spiritual and mystical messages to those interested in discovering them. Botanical references were particularly prevalent to transmit alchemical knowledge, something that would have been considered witchcraft not so many moons ago. The fig tree is a powerful symbol that dates back to the Garden of Eden. A fig leaf was used for modesty while the tree itself was said to be the Tree of Life and a symbol of knowledge. The Lily is often considered to be a symbol of purity and a completed spiritual awakening. Its form is likened to that of the crown chakra which links this flower to man’s connection with the divine.

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