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7 ways to awaken and connect to your divine feminine power

Every living being is an energy force. We each carry both masculine and feminine energy within us. The balance between these two energies is what creates a state of bliss, or Nirvana.
Every living being is an energy force. We each carry both masculine and feminine energy within us. The balance between these two energies is what creates a state of bliss, or Nirvana.

Nowadays, it seems that everywhere we look we are being called upon to be more conscious in our busy, everyday lives. Today more than ever the rise of the divine feminine power seems to be awakening, nudging us to reconnect with an ancient force. But, what does it actually mean?

If we take a look at the modern world, it is obvious that there is a patriarchal system at play. We have been trained since we could walk and talk that “time is money” and that we must be assertive, active members of society in order to be successful. This masculine energy, often categorised by logic and reason, is focused on doing and achieving results. For decades it has been the driving force behind nearly everything in our daily lives. Yet, while it has an extremely valuable place in our world, too much of it creates an imbalance. The result? Burnout, stress, anxiety, and feeling disconnected from your soul’s purpose… and the list goes on.

What is divine feminine power and why do we need it?

While definitions may vary, divine feminine power essentially means a sacred or divine feminine energy that is deeply linked to intuition, interconnectedness, creation and nurturing. Hence the references to Mother Nature and Gaia. Everyone can access this energy. It lies deep within all of us. Yet, throughout history people who readily exhibited their feminine power were called witches and punished with death. While we have moved on from the witch trials, another kind of witch hunt exists. Anyone who is not willing to sacrifice their feminine energy and fully embrace the masculine is exiled from society and resigned to being too soft and unsuccessful. Until now. There appears to be a return of the feminine as men and women crave to reconnect with their intuition and tap into the ancient wisdom that it provides.

What are the divine feminine awakening symptoms?

The imbalance between the masculine and feminine has been a battle that humans have fought for centuries. Ancient Chinese philosophy talks of Yin and Yang and teaches us that two opposing forces may in fact be complementary. Nature has shown us that this is the case by giving us male and female, old and young and dark and light. Everything needs to be balanced for life to function correctly. The same applies to our bodies. An abundance of masculine energy results in feeling tired, stressed, overworked and unloved. On the other hand, too much feminine energy manifests itself in feeling unfocused, scattered, unstable and unsupported. Society has put masculine energy on a pedestal and for some, it is starting to become toxic. The result? The awakening of our divine feminine power.


1. Craving a space where one can feel seen, heard, held and supported on their life’s journey.

2. A deeper connection to our intuition.

3. An increased compassion and kindness towards other living beings

4. A hunger for ancient wisdom.

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The divine feminine Goddess and the importance of our feminine energy

Believe it or not, there once existed a time when women were revered. So much so that studies reveal that some early Christians worshipped God in female form. In classical Greek mythology, Pandora was the first ever female and as her name suggests, a gift to all mankind. Gaia was viewed as a powerful feminine force and the mother of all living beings. In Hindu culture, Devi is seen as the mother of all Goddesses. Cybele is referred to as the Great Mother of all Gods in Roman culture, and the list goes on. If the masculine energy is all about action, the feminine is about creating the space for the action to take place. It is important to own our feminine energy and rise up to the power that we hold. In doing so, we create a more harmonious world. So, how do we awaken and connect to our divine feminine power? 

1. Embrace our divine feminine qualities

Divine feminine power is not defined by gender. In fact, the term femininity is wildly subjective and can mean different things to various people and cultures. Yet, on a simple note, feminine energy is broadly seen as life-giving. Embracing our feminine side invites us to become more creative. It also invites us to connect and analyse situations based on how we feel, not what appears to be a logical response. This creates a space for love and compassion not just towards ourselves but also towards others. Make time for self-care rituals and nourish your soul so that it becomes a fertile place where your ideas can grow.

2. Turn our passion into our divine feminine purpose

Shed self doubt, find inspiration and feed your brain with possibility so that you can turn your passion into your life purpose. Engage your intuition and allow it to guide you. Meditate and listen carefully to what it tells you. Think back to when you were young and unaware of the cosmic power struggle between masculine and feminine energies. What did you love to do in your spare time? The answers will provide you with clues as to what is your true passion in life. Once you have got clear on your passion, nourish it and breathe life into it so that you can create a legacy built on your divine feminine power.

3. Fill our homes with divine feminine art

To truly feel like a Goddess, one must act like one. That includes turning our living space into a temple. Fill your home with feminine accents like freshly cut flowers, soft fabrics and light, neutral colours. Create an altar space in honour of a chosen Goddess and fill it with crystals, plants and jewels. Anything that stirs up feelings of femininity within you. As a finishing touch, decorate your home with divine feminine wall art. Choose your artwork based on the seasons, a theme or simply based on your intuition. Call upon a flower Goddess to bring any creative ideas to fruition. Invite the magic of the wolf moon into your living space and reflect on your power struggles, heritage and be inspired to create a new vision for the future. Or delve into your subconscious and connect with the mysterious water element by hanging a fish totem print in your bathroom. Treat your home as a sacred space that has the power to hold and move energy.

4. Learn how to radiate feminine energy

Femininity is all about movement and flow so the best way to radiate feminine energy is to dance. Every morning as you rise play your favourite music and let yourself be intuitively guided by the rhythm of the song. This will not only awaken your body but also your soul. Alternatively, practice Yoga or a daily form of gentle stretching to get your feminine energy flowing. Enjoy your sensuality, not just through movement but by connecting with others, nurturing your emotional and spiritual needs and being receptive to the love that surrounds you.

5. Remind ourselves of the divine feminine power of our ancestors

There are many ways to reconnect to the women who came before us. The ones who stepped into their divinity and embraced their wisdom, magic and power. Place photos of female relatives in your home and call upon them for advice in moments of need. Connect with other women at a women’s circle and hold space for each other as you learn from their ancestral wisdom while in turn, you impart the knowledge you have been given.

6. Reconnect with nature and her divine feminine power

Mother Nature is the ultimate female force in our lives. So, what better way to connect with our divine feminine power than getting out into nature. Simple things like going for a walk, observing the changing seasons and slowing down to appreciate the plants and flowers around us are all quick fixes to our modern, disconnected lives. You can take rewilding one step further and study the moon and her cycles. Nature works cyclically, just like the female menstrual cycle. The more you study Mother Nature and her ingenious design you soon realise that nothing is by accident – a divine feminine power must be at play.

7. Place the divine feminine symbol in your home

The spiritual awakening of your soul is a process that requires some level of alchemy. So, amplify and enrich your experience with the help of symbols such as that of the rising woman. This symbol represents the divine feminine power and combines the moon (feminine energy) with the sun (masculine energy) to create a balanced union of the spirit. Sometimes in life, we need a helping hand so place this symbol close to your front door to remind yourself to embody this energy throughout your day.

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