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Purple Moon Limited Edition Print


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The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of Nature and wild life herself. It also reflect inner knowledge, or the phases of human’s condition on earth, since it controls the tides, the rains, the waters, and the seasons. Each month, the Moon goes through its four principal phases: New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Third Quarter. During Full Moon and New Moon, impressive lunar and solar eclipses can occur. It’s thought that at the New Moon and Full Moon, like the tides, our emotions are pulled to the surface and feelings are heightened. We also can say that there are three main ways in which the Moon impacts on life:time, tides and light. All living beings from plants to animals as well as human beings are affected by the phases of the moon.Wildlife decides by intuition how to follow the moon, for example birds use it for navigation by flying, other animals only reproduce in a certain lunar phase.And in ancient times the human being was guided by the moon for the plantations and harvests of his food.
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NOTE: These artworks are drawn by hand and colored / retouched digitally. The artwork is printed on high quality natural matte white paper, and the ‘papyrus paper effect’ is printed onto the white paper.

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