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Feminine Drawings Prints

Feminine Drawings Art Prints

Throughout the centuries feminine wisdom has been documented in myths and legends and brought to life by powerful female muses. These valiant, fearless women broke down sociocultural barriers and paved the way for the women of today. Tropia Art’s feminine drawings celebrate these spirited women and invite us to reconnect with ancient folklore in order to find meaning in our day-to-day lives.

The feminine representation of the world is often seen as a symbol of life, fertility and creativity. The word ‘feminine’ is often used to denote womanhood and is commonly linked to the female gender. Yet, in recent decades, ‘feminine’ has grown to mean more than gender and does not necessarily distinguish a female from male, referring more to the universal energy that surrounds us.

In Jil-Laura’s feminine drawings we can explore the world’s natural beauty through its abundance of feminine symbols. Goddesses and women of folklore dance across the papyrus textured pages accompanied by intricately depicted flora and fauna. This marriage of the mystical and the natural is the foundation of Tropia Art’s utopian paradise.

The feminine form

Tropia Art celebrates the female form in such a way that transcends time, race and colour. Each woman embodies a sense of empowerment and natural beauty that stems from a time when women were considered to be deities in their own right. This ancestral power and wisdom commands the attention of the onlooker and invites them to realign with their own intuition. Whether it is a high-priestess, bathed in the light of the moon inviting us to explore the starry cosmos or an island woman dressed in traditional dress celebrating her heritage – each woman has a story to tell.

Female spirit guides

The wise nature of the woman has been recognised for centuries and Tropia Art’s feminine drawings are no different.. We are drawn to Jil-Laura’s whimsical drawings not just for their beauty, but because we hear the calling. The modern world is so disconnected from nature and once we hear the calling to return, something deeply rooted inside of us is activated. The women in Tropia Art’s world act as our spirit guides and as we browse the tropically infused prints, our intuition is guiding us to the feminine drawing we need the most. Just as talismans are used for protection and to attract good fortune, these prints act as catalysts and guides for our journey of inner discovery.

A journey of inner discovery

While the idyllic scenes depicted in Tropia Art prints are paradisiacal, they are often a reminder of our, often neglected inner landscape. Each woman illustrated by Jil-Laura has a message for us that is only possible to decipher when we are ready to receive it. These women represent ancient wisdom, intuition and divine worlds and their presence in our homes invites us to delve deep into our soul in search of purpose and meaning. It is only when we meditate on their magic will our journey of self discovery begin.