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The ultimate guide to Scorpio home design 2022

Scorpio is an astrological term given to those born between October 23 and November 21. Anyone who has met a Scorpio knows that the waters run deep for this sign. Yet their knowing and mysterious aura makes them enviable style icons, especially when it comes to home decor.
Scorpio is an astrological term given to those born between October 23 and November 21. Anyone who has met a Scorpio knows that the waters run deep for this sign. Yet their knowing and mysterious aura makes them enviable style icons, especially when it comes to home decor.

The Scorpio personality

By nature, Scorpios are highly charming creatures but they also carry an air of mystery about them. Don’t let this put you off. Underneath the layers of aloofness and seriousness lies a softer side that is supportive and sympathetic. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, ruled by the mysterious and dark planet of Pluto, and co-ruled by the aggressive Mars. This heady, unforgiving mix makes Scorpios a force to be reckoned with. Yet, there is a way to soothe this tempestuous soul and that is through creating a sanctuary. Discover the Scorpio home design 2022 trends and create a space that this sly and sexy sign will love.

Scorpio home design 2022

What’s hot for the Scorpio home this year? It’s written in the stars, of course. One thing that we can be sure of however is a dark, moody colour palette that reflects Scorpio’s deep well of intense emotion. Colours like aquamarine, jet black, botanical green and gold are statement colours for the Scorpio home. When defining their interior decor style, Scorpios are likely to choose something fit for a bulletproof Bond girl with a touch of Cleopatra. Their transformative energy will ensure that their home is far from dull. Expect sophistication, elegance and style to infuse through every room. Details such as mood lighting and exotic home fragrances like Oud or tuberose add the final touch of splendour that Scorpios desire. But the Scorpio home design 2022 trends don’t end there, read on to discover how to decorate for this Zodiac sign on a room, per room basis.

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How should a Scorpio decorate their home?

Scorpio’s magnetic and compelling energy makes them emotional sponges. It is hard for them not to soak up the feelings of the people they care the most about. This means that their home is their temple – their secret hideaway when the world gets too much for their sensitive soul. This hints at the need to create a luxurious space that provides exceptional comfort while at the same time providing a straightforward function. Scorpios are not into frivolity so when designing the Scorpio home, think clean lines, minimal design and high-quality, premium materials.

Scorpio interior design style

Don’t expect anything less than fabulous when it comes to the interior design style of Scorpios. One of the most style-conscious of the zodiac, their inner artistic streak makes them keen creators of space. Marie Antoinette was a famous Scorpio with a flair for creating unique worlds within the confines of her home, the palace of Versailles. Her taste for decadence and luxury put Versailles on the map, setting trends the world over. In more recent history, Pablo Picasso is another noteworthy Scorpio. His house in Mougins, the south of France has been used as a reference for interior designers who are drawn to his paired down, modern and glamorous style. As you can see, despite being a water sign, Scorpios have very fixed views when it comes to interior design. Yet, one thing is for sure, whatever they choose will always be very creative – just like them.

What would a Scorpio bedroom look like?

Since Scorpios are nocturnal creatures, it is unlikely that they will spend much time sleeping in their rooms at night. So, the number one element to include in this room would be black-out blinds. Not only do they help darken the light in the room, but they will also be the saving grace to Scorpios when it comes to taking their afternoon siesta. Since Scorpio’s energetic nature compels them to go out and enjoy life to the fullest, their bedroom will be functional, but sexy. Their taste for the finer things in life means that although the design may appear simple at first glance, you can be sure that everything from nightstands to bedsheets will be top quality. Don’t forget. Scorpios are sensual creatures and the bedroom is the prime place to indulge their senses. Ensure that this room includes a contrast of textures and colours to satisfy Scorpio’s appetite for pleasure.

Scorpio wall art

Of course, we cannot talk about Scorpio home design 2022 trends without mentioning wall art. Scorpio’s fascination with the underworld and mystical realms will ensure that their choice of art is unique and full of meaning. The goddess Serket is an ancient Egyptian goddess of protection, associated with Scorpion. Placing her image in the Scorpio home in the form of zodiac art emphasises her power and provides a good omen for the dwelling. Asides from goddess art, Scorpios also are drawn to expressive, abstract prints that defy explanations. Perhaps, they see themselves reflected in the canvas?

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How do Scorpios decorate their room? – The Living room

This room is, without a doubt, the soul of the home and it is where the Scorpio loves to kick back and relax. People born under this sun sign are extremely self-assured so statement items would not look out of place in their living room. Scorpio home design 2022 trends show that it is time for Scorpios to open up to the world. While this is no easy feat, Scorpios are avid collectors, be it records, stamps, toy cars or fine china. Use the living room as a blank canvas to display their found objects and let their personalities flood the space. Since Scorpios love to be the centre of attention, displaying their collection will provide an ideal conversation starter for them to regale guests with stories of their latest adventures.

Scorpio wallpaper

As mentioned above, the Scorpio home design 2022 trends show that it’s time to go bold or go home. But, a Scorpio won’t settle for anything ordinary. Oh no! They will want something luxurious and unique. So, what doesn’t get more unique than custom-made wallpaper? Commissioning a Scorpio’s favourite artist to design a print that can be turned into wallpaper is a sure-fire way to make a Scorpio fall in love with their homes. Just be sure to ask first before using any artwork. That way, you can turn the Scorpio home into a magical, mysterious world, full of character.

Scorpio room aesthetic: The Bathroom

Of course, we cannot write a round-up of the Scorpio home design 2022 trends without mentioning the bathroom. The most aquatic room in the house, the bathroom provides a restorative oasis to cleanse the Scorpio mind and body. Decorate this space with calming, soulful tones of lilac, white and sea-foam blue. It is also worth noting that artworks that feature the moon would be ideal for this space since the moon is also ruled by water – something that Scorpio and the moon both share. Scorpios are often stressed, so consider the addition of a bathtub so that this sign can soak tired, achy muscles in the comfort of a bubble bath. Top this off with the addition of aromatherapy, be it in the form of beautifully scented toiletries or custom-crafted essential oil diffuser blends dotted throughout the room. This elegant touch will allow the Scorpio to float away on a cloud, in a state of bliss – a much-needed luxury for this sign.

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