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Aphrodite tattoo idea: Uncover the meaning behind this goddess tattoo

Looking for a feminine and beautiful tattoo? The Aphrodite tattoo idea combines beauty and symbolism in one simple design.
Looking for a feminine and beautiful tattoo? The Aphrodite tattoo idea combines beauty and symbolism in one simple design.

In recent times, delicate, feminine tattoos appear to be on the rise. Whether you opt for a discrete design or a large, more prominent tattoo style, there are so many feminine tattoo designs to choose from. One idea that has been revolutionising social media is the Aphrodite tattoo idea. This ultra feminine design is based on the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite and can be depicted in many forms. Yet, the common factor that is visible in all Aphrodite goddess tattoos is the depiction of a beautiful woman, hair flowing in the wind and nature surrounding her. If you are looking for new tattoo inspiration, read on to discover the history and meaning of this classic tattoo design.

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What does Aphrodite mean?

In ancient Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of sexual love and beauty. She symbolises romantic love and fertility and is depicted as being insatiable and unattainable. In Roman mythology, Aphrodite is known as Venus. The Greeks believed that she was born near the coast of Cythera out of the foam created when Uranus’ castrated genitals were thrown into the sea. As wild as this sounds, many people believe the story and Aphrodite has become an inspiration for people across the realms of art and culture. She is often depicted rising from the sea with the most famous representation of her being Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus painting.

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What is Aphrodite’s flower?

The red anemone is a flower sacred to Aphrodite. Legend has it that this flower sprung from the blood of her dying lover Adonis. But, it is the red rose that has become the flower most associated with Aphrodite. It is said that rose bushes grew from the tear drenched, blood stained ground where Aphrodite was mourning the death of Adonis. The rose is strong and beautiful, just like Aphrodite. And, it is said that each of the thorns that grows on the stem of the rose symbolises the pain and sorrow felt by Aphrodite after Adonis’ death.

The origin of the Aphrodite tattoo idea

Enraptured by Aphrodite’s beauty, painters, sculptors and all manner of artists have attempted to portray this Greek goddess. Each artist attempts to capture the unattainable beauty of Aphrodite, sometimes depicting her in the nude and other times adorned with natural objects such as flowers and shells. Over time, and thanks to Boticelli’s work, a standard image of Aphrodite has emerged which is what is commonly used for many Aphrodite tattoo ideas. Yet, nothing is set in stone. If you want to create something truly unique, contact your favourite artist and get them to create a design unique to you. Or, if  for example, one of the Tropia goddesses has caught your eye, reach out to discuss the purchase of an image licence. When using the work of an artist for your tattoo designs, it is essential that you purchase the correct image rights. This is something most artists will advise you on during the creative process.

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What does the Aphrodite tattoo mean? And, why do we wear Goddess tattoos?

In many indigenous tribes, tattoos are used to ward off evil, empower the wearer or protect them from danger. It is not uncommon for people in tribes to tattoo the face of a God or Goddess onto their skin as a way to channel the wisdom and power that the deity offers. Tattooing has been in practice since the Neolithic times and this is evidenced in various archaeological finds across the world.

Ancient Egyptian mummies have been found to show tattoos that honour the Goddess Hathor, while in other cultures these types of tattoos were used to celebrate battle victories or life-changing processes such as childbirth. Since Aphrodite represents pure pleasure, sex and beauty an Aphrodite tattoo idea would be ideal for someone deeply passionate. Or, for someone who has been through an intense breakup and needs support and encouragement to fight for true love.

Chanel your divine femininity with a Greek Goddess tattoo

Feminine tattoos are often defined by certain elements such as fine lines, pointillism details, delicate colours or watercolour brushstrokes. However, the subject matter and the placement of the tattoos also influence how feminine they make you feel. For example, the ankle, ribcage or behind the ear are all ideal canvases for a feminine tattoo. Enhance this feeling of femininity further by incorporating references to Goddesses of all cultures. Who doesn’t want to be bathed in mystical magic? Think about the meaning behind each Goddess and what they can bring to your life. Oshun is the African Goddess of life, Hera is marriage and childbirth and Athena is wisdom and knowledge. Goddess tattoos are a reminder for us to embrace these qualities in our daily life or a way to show the world who we are. If you are thinking about collaborating with an artist to make your Aphrodite tattoo idea a reality, these ideas will be sure to provide ample inspiration.

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Simple Goddess tattoo

Keep things simple and opt for an Aphrodite line tattoo with clean, minimal lines depicting the Greek Goddess. You can choose to show her entire body or just her head and shoulders. The important thing is to lace the design with symbolism so that you can soak up all her divine energy.

 Recreate the famous artworks of the great masters for your creative and romantic Aphrodite tattoo idea

Aphrodite tattoo symbol

The symbolism of Aphrodite is strong and can be found in numerous objects. Perhaps the most common being the red rose, closely followed by the shell and then birds and flowers. If a large tattoo is not your style then incorporating symbolic elements into a design is a nice way to celebrate the power of Aphrodite.

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Goddess tattoo sleeve

Tattoos are a great storytelling tool. Let the pain-stricken story of Aphrodite unfold in a visual mastery of symbolism and art in the form of a tattoo sleeve. Or, let your imagination run wild and be inspired by another Goddess. Nefertiti, the Egyptian queen known for her tumultuous life inspires women today with her feminine strength, power and devotion. With ample room to elaborate on the love triangles and meaning behind each and every Goddess, a tattoo sleeve is an ideal place to let the storytelling element of the Goddesses shine through.

Do you have an Aphrodite tattoo idea that you want inspiration for? Discover our ideas.

Design your own Goddess of love tattoo

Be inspired by the concept of Aphrodite and commission a design infused with passion and love. Working with an artist to create something unique to you allows for the final tattoo to hold even more power and meaning. Plus, it will be an extra special message that you can relate to every day of your life. Just make sure to follow the correct process with regard to image rights. Instead of finding an image on the internet and copying it, consult licence options with the artist to ensure that you are free to use your chosen image. Most artists will offer a fixed price for the use of their image in a tattoo while others may charge you for a personalised version of existing work.

Aphrodite painting tattoo

Be inspired by the classic great artists and commission a tattoo depicting one of their works of art. An Aphrodite painting tattoo is a wonderful way to honour this Goddess. Not only will it look beautiful but you will also be inspired to embody Aphrodite’s passionate energy each day. Instead of using the same techniques used in the painting, tattoo art requires a different approach, one closer to that used to create the Tropia prints. Pointillism is the use of tiny dots to create a larger image, similar to the way tattoos are created. Consider how you can translate a classic painting into a dot drawing masterpiece. If in doubt, reach out to your favourite artist for help. They will be able to create a professional image based on what you are looking for.

Aphrodite back tattoo

Back tattoos are a stylish and sophisticated way to give the world a glimpse of your personality. Pour the soul, creativity and love that Aphrodite shared with the world into your tattoo design and show the world your sexy, passionate and feminine side.

Ready for a Goddess tattoo?

Are you feeling inspired to call on the Goddesses for your next tattoo idea? At Tropia Art Studio, we hope that this post has awoken your feminine energy and left you feeling enchanted by the mythical stories of ancient times. We do however want to stress that the designs shown throughout the post belong to Tropia and are protected under copyright laws. If there is one that interests you for your next tattoo, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jil, the artist behind the work who will be delighted to sell the image rights for you.

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