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Spirit animal wall art: Discover your spirit animal with Tropia Art

Indigenous cultures have spoken of an ancient spiritual human and animal relationship. Spirit animals present themselves in all manner of ways and guide us through tough moments in our lives. Have you discovered yours yet?
Indigenous cultures have spoken of an ancient spiritual human and animal relationship. Spirit animals present themselves in all manner of ways and guide us through tough moments in our lives. Have you discovered yours yet?

Some believe that animals hold the ability to connect us with the spiritual realm. This connection provides deep insights into our personalities and shines a light on our true life’s purpose. Humans have celebrated spirit animals in art since ancient times. Their image is visible not just in animal wall art but also in totem poles. Yet discovering your spirit animal is not as easy as it seems. You have to wait for them to present themselves to you. So, if you are still waiting to meet your animal guide or you’re already acquainted, here is a rundown of the meaning behind each one.

Use animal wall art to discover your spirit animal guide

While the concept of a spirit animal originates from Native American culture, the idea can still be adopted and adapted to fit your culture. Think about which animals are prevalent in the countryside around you. For example, cats, dogs, foxes, crows, owls, and mice are all possible spirit animals for people living in Northern Europe and the United States. Yet, in India, elephants, tigers and monkeys are more common.

Pay attention to your daily life. Which animals cross your path often? Do any animals visit you in your dream world? Do you have any strong memories that contain animals? Take five minutes to journal and see what comes up.

Once you have made a shortlist, place animal wall art that features these creatures in your home, and over time, pay attention to your energy. Think about which print draws your attention the most. Meditate in front of each image and note down your visualisations. Slowly you will be able to uncover your spirit guide.

Animal wall art of the leopard spirit animal

If you are lucky enough to be visited by an animal spirit in your dreams it means that they are there to teach you a lesson. In the case of the leopard, this is a very ancient, wise and powerful totem. It represents the divine feminine, death and rebirth. Lots of sacred energy is transmitted through this visualisation. They say the leopard only shows itself if you have a life- changing decision to make as it is a reminder that you carry everything you need inside you already. People who relate to the leopard spirit animal tend to be spiritual beings, in touch with their intuition and sensitive to other energies. Place an animal wall art print of a leopard in your home so that their radiant energy is always present.

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Wall art posters of a fox spirit animal

Often in witchcraft, the fox symbolises a dark side to magic. However, this mystical animal holds a much more powerful meaning. Foxes are cunning animals and are highly intelligent. They teach us to analyse situations and find a possible solution to our problems. Nordic lore depicts the goddess Freya as a Völva or witch. Foxes, which are her spirit animal called “fylgjur” accompany her wherever she goes. A nordic myth recounts the existence of a giant fox called Tulikettu, believed to be invincible against nordic hunters due to its magical powers. If your circumstances are changing, a fox is a valuable spirit animal. They will guide you through a breakup, a career change or a house move and remind you that every issue has a solution.

Art posters online of horse spirit animals

Horses are one of the oldest spirit animal symbols and are often represented in animal wall art. Native American cultures viewed the horse as a deity and those who rode them also shared this divine power. Painting horses was a way Native Indians increased the horse’s magical powers. Today, if your spirit animal is a horse, it means that you must have more confidence in yourself. Horse spirit animals force us to assess where we are spending our energies and where we lose our power and freedom. This forceful spirit animal will guide you through the toughest times and lend you their strength when you need it most.

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Posters and prints of elephant spirit animals

In Hindu culture, the God Ganesh is represented as the elephant. Just like the elephant, Ganesh holds the power to remove obstacles from our life’s path so we can progress. The elephant spirit animal helps us to heal past traumas and resolve any issues left hanging. If we are visited by this guide, we are being asked to get in touch with our feelings. Elephants allow us to awaken our more vulnerable side and unearth hidden memories. They also help us to forgive and leave the past behind us. Hang elephant animal wall art in your home if you are feeling stuck and ready to create positive changes in your life.

Art posters of the wolf spirit guide

Wolves are closely linked to the sun, the moon and the spirit and were said to be the first animal domesticated by man. The wolf spirit animal teaches us to listen to our inner voice and be guided by our instinct. When a wolf spirit visits you, you will be protected so it is the ideal time to explore your inner world of feelings and desires. Meditating with animal wall art featuring wolves will strengthen your intuition further. They are hugely resourceful animals and their traits remind us that our energy is sacred, only to be used in situations that are vital for our survival. A wolf spirit animal may also appear in your life to warn you of a sudden change so stay alert and agile if you are visited by this guide.

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Eagle spirit animal prints for sale

In Native American cultures, the eagle was given God-like status. This is due to its ability to fly high in the sky, which was the home of the Goddess of creation. In Greek mythology, it is the animal used by Zeus when he wanted to visit the land of the mortals. In fact, in ancient animal wall art, the eagle is seen as a messenger between the Earth and the heavens. When visited by your eagle spirit animal, they bestow you with courage, power and perspective. They also represent freedom and individuality and appear in our lives when it is time to prioritise our goals and ambitions. Since eagles fly, they have the advantage of being able to see what lies ahead and will guide us through the obstacles in our path.

Why add spirit animal wall art to your home?

Your home should feel like a sacred, safe space. So, leave it to your spirit animals to work their magic. Animal wall art, especially spirit animal wall art, can be added to any room of your home. Yet, to feel the benefit of your spirit guide in its entirety, it is best to place your prints in a room where you spend the most time. The living room or a bedroom are ideal places to place animal wall art – throughout the day and night, our spirit animals can guide us. You can also mix and match depending on what events are unfolding in your life. For example, call upon your elephant spirit animal when we need to let go of the past or the fox when faced with troublesome problems to resolve.

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