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Freya Goddess Limited Edition Art Print


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Freya Goddess Art Print

Freya is a Viking shaman or witch that practised rituals and magic in the nordic tribes. She is a female seer in Norse religion and a recurring motif in Viking mythology. They are also considered the predecessors of medieval witches. A Völva represented the gods’ influence over Wyrd, or Fate, within Old Norse society. The goddess Freya was considered to be the original Völva; it was she who brought the practice of Seiðr to Midgard (Earth) and Völva looked to her for guidance and protection. The foxes that accompany her, in Nordic mythology, are spirit animals called “fylgjur”, serving her as guides. There is a myth of a giant fox called Tulikettu, believed to have magical powers and to be protected by the nordic hunters. She is also accompanied by the rune symbol of invincibility carried by warriors as a third eye on the forehead.

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This Freya Goddess Art Print features a stunning depiction of the Norse goddess Freya. Known as the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, Freya is often depicted as a powerful and alluring figure. This art print captures her essence perfectly, with intricate details and rich, vibrant colors that bring her to life. The print is printed on high-quality paper, ensuring that the colors will stay vibrant for years to come. This print would be a beautiful addition to any room in your home and would make a perfect gift for anyone who is interested in Norse mythology or simply appreciates beautiful art.

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NOTE: These artworks are drawn by hand and colored / retouched digitally. The artwork is printed on high quality natural matte white paper, and the ‘papyrus paper effect’ is printed onto the white paper.

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