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Black Panther Limited Edition Print


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The Black Panther speaks to our soul with the shimmering and hidden energy of the Moon; this beautiful black cat is is an appreciated shapeshifter and the night master of disguise. Panther’s sleek black coat cloaks its true identity in the shadows. It isn’t until you are close to a Panther that their illusion falls away and who they really becomes visible. Black Panthers like to walk alone; this doesn’t mean a lonely life, rather one of choice that develops Panther’s senses especially to psychic abilities and magic. They hunt silently, seeming to appear and disappear in the blink of an eye; Black Panther spirits can be very elusive. You may have to wait for them to find you. Those born with a Black Panther Totem Animal, have a natural understanding of life’s cycles. They are graceful individuals who move in and out of our lives, often with little notice. In addition to the symbolism of this illustration, the physical spine is one of the primary supporting structures for our body and mind. It is also the basis of our individual consciousness as the spinal cord because the nerve cells within the spine carry all the nerve signals that are required to sustain our waking, dreaming and sleeping states of being.

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NOTE: These artworks are drawn by hand and colored / retouched digitally. The artwork is printed on high quality natural matte white paper, and the ‘papyrus paper effect’ is printed onto the white paper.

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