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Botanical art prints: How to turn your home into a jungle palace

Bring the outdoors inside and turn your home into a green paradise with botanical art prints.
Bring the outdoors inside and turn your home into a green paradise with botanical art prints.

Filling your house with living energy in the form of people, plants or pets inspires connection and skyrockets our serotonin levels. However, there are times when this may be hard to achieve. This is when botanical art prints come in handy. Not only do they add personality, colour and good vibes to your space, but they remind us of our special bond with Mother Nature. Let’s face it, the luscious shades of green will never turn yellow from too much or a lack of water and no tending or trimming is necessary. Botanical art prints are the easiest way to convert your living space into an urban jungle without the fuss. If you are ready to add some plant magic to your walls, read on to discover the best ways to turn your home into a jungle palace.

Bring nature indoors

The history of botanical art prints

Humans have coexisted with nature since the dawn of time. It should come as no surprise that botanical art prints also date back thousands of years. The ancient Greeks were the first to document plants and flowers and often illustrated their form to keep as a scientific reference. Crateuas (c. 75 B.C), a doctor and pharmacologist, is often cited as the first botanical illustrator and the father of botanical drawing. Yet it is the Codex Vindobonensis which dates back to the 14th century and this is said to be the earliest surviving complete record of botanical illustration. This was used as the gold standard for centuries until the invention of the camera in the Victorian era made botanical illustration less common. Today, botanical prints are making a comeback thanks to interior decor trends as artists continue to inspire with their creative depiction of the natural world.

Why choose botanical artwork for your home?

When choosing botanical art prints there are a few things to take into consideration. Of course, the biggest decision you will face is where you will place the artwork. But there is also the question of what and how you choose to display. Tropical botanical artwork is a popular choice as it inspires and transports the viewer to warmer climes. Vintage botanical prints are also popular for traditional homes as they add a pop of colour without breaking from the interior decor theme. For generations, witches and shamans have used plants as medicine to cure the physical body and in many cultures, it is believed that plants house spirits. At Tropia Art, we believe that botanical art adds a feeling of calmness and harmony to your home. Wherever you choose to place your botanical art prints their spiritual healing energy will disperse, filling your home with positive energy. Think of these illustrations as art with intention.

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 Botanical illustration prints for the entranceway

Create a calming sensation for guests the moment they walk through your door by displaying botanical art prints in the entrance way. Create a colour story with the rich earth tones that will entice visitors to discover every corner of your home. Plants are magic and by creating a focal point you are celebrating their feminine energy and allowing their power to be felt throughout your home. Create a gallery wall of your favourite botanical art prints or choose one extra large print to take poll position. Whatever choice you make you can ensure that bringing the outside in will create the most relaxing welcome home you could wish for.

Large botanical prints for the living room

Celebrate the human-nature connection and make it a vibe by choosing large botanical art prints for the living room. This room is the central gathering place of the home and therefore must be decorated in a personal yet versatile manner. Luckily, when decorating with botanical illustrations, the possibilities are endless. Hark back to ancient times and call upon your intuitive wisdom to honour this gathering space with botanicals used in ceremonies. Think about your Zodiac sign and the Goddesses or plants associated. Pay homage to your ancestral roots and make your selected flora and fauna the focal point of the room.

In many Mediterranean and Moroccan homes, life takes place in the central courtyard full of greenery. Use your space to recreate this tropical gathering spot by filling it with greenery (real or fake, we don’t judge). Incorporate layers of soft furnishings either in rich jewel tones or in neutral shades to recreate a tropical Riad or Ibizan chillout lounge. Then above the sofa or on an accent wall, create a shrine to Mother Nature and her incredible creations. Source one extra large botanical print or place multiple large illustration prints in frames to create a gallery wall.

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Botanical wall decor for the kitchen

Food is the way to our hearts so it only seems right to celebrate its origin. Fill your home with restorative and nurturing energy by displaying botanical art prints of your favourite fruits, vegetables and edible foliage. Oranges are commonly believed to bring good luck, joy and creativity. Banana trees and their fruit symbolise fertility, positive energy and abundance. But, it is the coconut tree and fruit that holds the strongest symbolism. It was believed in ancient times to be the tree of life since all its elements can be used to sustain human life. Use your kitchen as a temple to honour Mother Nature’s bountiful gifts and adorn your walls with botanical art prints to further benefit from food’s nutritious energy.


Botanical wall art for the bedroom

Green and the earthy hues and tones relating to nature have been reported to trigger feelings of calm and serenity. Use this science to your advantage and fill your bedroom with botanical art prints to ensure you enjoy a deep, restful sleep. Create a bedroom fit for jungle royalty and incorporate botanicals into the space in the form of nightstand decor, bookshelf decoration as well as draw liners for your wardrobe. But of course, the best way to celebrate flora and fauna is to display it on the walls. Make a statement with a mural or choose a series of relaxing prints. You could even continue the nocturnal theme and include prints of flowers that only bloom at night like Evening Primrose or Tuberose. Embrace your wild spark but don’t overwhelm the space. Maintain a serene setting by combining illustrations with plain bed linen in earth tones, rustic furniture and lots of natural light. Aromatherapy is also a wonderful way to amplify nature’s plant magic, plus the relaxing scents will allow you to float away on a cloud.

TOP TIP: Real plants also make a nice addition to the decor as well as working to purify the air and aid sleep.

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