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Taurus home design inspiration: Earthy decor for the Taurus home

Knowing your astrological sun sign can be the key to perfecting your interior design strategy to achieve peace and harmony at home.
Knowing your astrological sun sign can be the key to perfecting your interior design strategy to achieve peace and harmony at home.

According to studies, 0.083% of the U.S population are born with the sun sign in Taurus. This means that there is a high chance that there is a Taurus in your life in some shape or form. Each zodiac sign has its set characteristics and Taurus is no different. People born in this astrological sun sign are often stereotyped as stable, attentive and careful. But, like with everything, there is a flip side. While they may appear to be the good-looking, charismatic star sign, people with a Taurus sun sign are often bossy, inflexible and controlling. Does this sound like a Taurus that you know? While many believe that the zodiac influences your personality, some also believe that it influences your interior design choices. While this is debatable, it is still fun matching the Taurus profile to different ways of living.

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What decides a zodiac sign’s personality?

The zodiac is divided into 12 signs, each representing the 12 months. These signs are further divided into the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. Your personality is defined by the position of the sun within the sign at the moment of your birth. This is how astrological stereotypes have emerged over time. There is little scientific proof behind this concept, but thousands of years later it still holds strong. So, how can we understand more about our personalities according to the zodiac? In astrology, you are governed by three signs: your sun sign (what we know today as being our star sign), your moon sign and your rising sign. The combination of the three provides you with your personality.

The Taurus personality – decoded

So, your sun sign represents your ego and sense of self. The moon sign represents the inner you and the rising sign represents how to project yourself to others. Now, how does this translate for a Taurus? Taurus is an earth sign which means that people with this sign tend to be down to earth, steady and patient. Since Taurus represents fixed earth in the zodiac cycle, most people born under this sign are seen as being stubborn and sensual. Venus is their ruling planet which means that Tauruses are easily distracted by beautiful things and physical expression. However, despite this, Taurus people love to feel comfortable and often stay longer than they should in situations or places rather than moving on and progressing.

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Taurus interior design style

The Taurus earthy spirit isn’t one to shy away from comfort and luxury, especially when it involves natural colours and textures. Taurus is an unashamedly materialistic sign and they will always hunt down the best brand and quality regardless of what they are buying. Yet, this doesn’t mean that everything has to be the latest technology. On the contrary. People born under this sign tend to have a penchant for the past which is often expressed by collecting vintage items or displaying items of sentimental value throughout their space. For Tauruses, their home is not only their sanctuary but also an extension of themselves. They use their space as a way to let their personality shine through. So, let’s explore the key Taurus home design inspiration

Taurus wall art

One of the fundamentals of interior decor is wall art, be it zodiac wall art or classic botanical prints. For a Taurus the more natural the design, the better. This could be some tasteful botanical prints that display some gorgeous ferns or other green foliage. Or, for the Taurus with a love of travel, wall art that displays natural historical elements such as Aztec art or ancient totem poles will satisfy their fascination for the past. Depending on which room is being decorated, certain themes will work better than others. For example, in the kitchen, the botanical prints are a winner while for the lounge something that inspires the creative Taurus mind is more apt. For places like the bedroom, dreamy zodiac wall art sets a relaxing and whimsical tone. Or, for more amorous vibes be inspired by venus and display some goddess art. Don’t forget that the subject of the wall art is only half the battle. Choosing wooden frames in natural colours amplifies the Taurus aesthetic further. 

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Taurus room aesthetic

Since Taurus is depicted by a bull, those who want to make a statement can opt for a cowboy-style bull’s head, complete with horns. This boho element sets the tone of the Taurus home design inspiration and fits in with the natural aesthetic that Tauruses love so much. The addition of richly coloured gemstones and geodes adds a luxurious element to the home decor and accentuates the close relationship that Taurus people share with nature. For a colour scheme, think sandy, earthy colours mixed with forest green or turquoise blue. Since those born under Taurus are creatures of habit and shy away from change, they will likely have their special corner or room in the home. This is likely to be a carefully curated space full of sentimental, creative items that represent the identity of this specific person.

Taurus home design inspiration

It is no surprise that Taurus home design inspiration is focused on feeling grounded and connected to nature. This is the way people born under this sign rest and recharge. Taurus-born people have their specific way of decorating their living space. Independent at heart, these people are not worried about following the latest trends. Instead, they will happily decorate with a curious mix of vintage items combined with luxurious fabrics like velvet or silks. After all, the Taurus home is a sumptuous sanctuary and an escape from the outside world. Because of this, Tauruses are generally possessive of their space, so if you share your living space with a Taurus, consider yourself honoured.

When talking about Taurus home design inspiration it is important to focus on a natural aesthetic of earthy tones.

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