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Tropical Prints


Life cannot always be lived on sunbaked sandy shorelines with only the sound of palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze. Yet, we have the power to create our own sanctuaries right in the heart of our homes. The four walls that shelter our sacred space are a blank canvas for us to create any setting that our heart desires. Filling our homes with tropical prints is a fantastic way to transport our minds to far-flung destinations and remind us that even in the darkest moments, there is light and sunshine awaiting us.

Create your own paradise with Tropia Art’s tropical prints

Tropia Art embodies a tropical utopian paradise where Goddess-like women in folkloric dress walk side by side with exotic animals, bathed in eternal sunlight. There is a cosmic energy that surges through each print, inviting intrepid soul explorers to connect with the ancient wisdom held inside each stroke of ink. Palm trees, the lunar cycle and the ocean are popular motifs within Jil-Laura’s work and set the scene for an idyllic tropical retreat – all without moving from the comfort of our homes. The magic and mysticism of tropical prints provide us with an escape to a fantasy realm that exists only in our minds. Placing these prints on our walls forces us to use our imagination and disconnect from the stresses of daily life. 

Adding tropical prints to your home decor

First impressions count, so why not make yours tropical-themed? Set the scene by placing prints of palm trees and other exotic botanical prints in the entranceway. This earthy, neutral vibe is a great way to welcome guests and it allows you space to create themed settings in the rest of your home. The kitchen is a wonderful place to display prints of tropical fruits, many of which symbolise good fortune, fertility and joy, ensuring your home is full of positive energy. Beach scenes work wonders in the lounge and bathroom. While Tropia Arts cosmic lunar landscapes would not look out of place in the bedroom. Since the overall theme is tropical, you will have no issues when it comes to mixing and matching prints.

Key elements of tropical prints

Tropical prints are instantly recognisable thanks to their vivid colours and natural subject matter. Yet, there are some key motifs that make this genre of art stand out. Firstly, the most common visual that is associated with tropical prints is the palm tree. This majestic tree comes in over 2,600 varieties, each one with its own spiritual meaning. Another common motif is the leopard. This big cat is a powerful spirit animal used for protection and to help us make decisions with stealth and decisiveness. And, of course, Goddesses from far-flung lands remind us of ancient cultures and the sunbaked beaches of our most recent adventures. These are just three common symbols yet tropical art is such a broad and interesting genre that invites you to be at one with nature and yourself.