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Palm Prints

The symbol of Tropia Art and a reminder of sunbaked summer days, the palm tree is more than just a beautiful tree, it is deeply rooted in sacred history. This tree is widely represented throughout art and is said to have originated from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. In ancient times, it was considered a symbol of fertility, salvation, harmony and the soul of life itself. The Minoans, a civilisation found on the island of Crete, believed the palm to embody the energy of the Goddess and often placed the image of phoenixes next to the palm, guarding the path between Earth and heaven. Today, the palm tree is a symbol of tropical escapism but there is so much more to this plant than pure aesthetics. 

Tropia Art and palm prints

Tropia Art is a tropical utopia represented by the palm tree. This majestic plant, nicknamed the “phoenix” is commonly thought to represent the sun Goddess and is also known as the solar tree of the Goddess. The sun Goddess’s duty was to create a feeling of warmth and joy while helping people transition from the living realm to the afterlife. She is thought to be omnipresent, just like the sun and capable of powerful magic. The palm is stronger than it looks, often able to survive ferocious storms and still maintain its majestic beauty. In the world of Tropia Art, the palm represents strong feminine energy capable of adapting to obstacles along the life path while still remaining radiant and welcoming.

Moroccan palm prints for life’s tough moments

Not all palm trees are created equal. There are over 2,600 species of palm trees in the world, each one with its own sacred wisdom closely guarded in its roots. Moroccan palms have been sacred symbols for many millennia as their ability to retain water is key for survival. In the Sahara desert, there are over 5 million palm trees, each one with a lifespan of around 150 years. Imagine being a weary traveller, trekking through the sandy desert. If you see a palm tree, your spirits soar as you know instantly that water is close by. These hardy palms can survive long harsh exposure to sun, sandstorms and tough gusts of wind. They remain intact, standing gracefully overlooking the vast plains of the desert. They are a reminder to us that life is not smooth sailing but our ability to adapt and react to what life throws at us is our magic power and key to survival. 

The date palm and the divine feminine

The date palm has long been considered to be a symbol of fertility and in ancient Egypt, immortality. Yet in Eastern cultures, it is believed to represent the spine and the crown chakra. Dates represent the pineal gland, further strengthening the reference to the crown chakra. This chakra is our connection to the divine so by placing palm prints of date palms in our homes we are enhancing our connection to the universal energy that guides us. Use these prints as meditation tools to unblock this chakra or to connect with your spirit guides.