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Witch Prints

Witch Art Prints

Women and witchcraft have been intertwined since the 1400s. Yet, witches were not always objects of fear and rejection. Once upon a time, women practised the feminine arts which included brewing potions to cure common ailments, cooking with fresh herbs and domesticating animals. The female relationship with nature and the occult have long been a mystery to men and this fear sparked what we now know to be the witch hunts. Over 400 years 80,000 Europeans were brutally slaughtered in the name of witchcraft. Witch prints pictured grotesque scenes of witches casting nasty spells on unsuspecting subjects and project fear began to spread across the western world. Fast forward to today and witches are beginning to thrive again.

How witch prints helped to awaken our divine feminine energy

Witchcraft began to filter back into modern society thanks to a new wave of fascination with esoteric topics such as tarot and crystals. Little by little women began to let their guard down and embrace the calling to awaken their inner witch. All women hold the power to be a witch, it just needs to be rekindled. For centuries women have lived in fear of speaking their truth and their feminine wisdom has laid dormant for too long. Witch prints and other mystical subjects in art have shone a light on what was violently stolen from us and this anger is causing a wave of women to reclaim their feminine energy. Witchcraft never died, it was just pushed underground. Yet, wherever we look there are symbols, only visible to those in the know, reminding us of the ancient wisdom we carry.

Different types of witch prints

Witch prints don’t need to depict scenes of spellbinding glory. Nor do they need to show dark and eerie imagery often associated with witches. Witch art can take many forms but most importantly, it is an art form that radiates feminine energy. Since there are many types of witches (garden witches, kitchen witches, white witches…), it makes sense that there are witch prints representing each branch of witchcraft. Art depicting the elements or art depicting different herbs can be linked to witchcraft. Yet, the most common form of witch art contains power symbols such as the fox, rune stones and famous Goddesses linked to witchcraft.

Adding witch prints to your home

Witch prints can be placed anywhere throughout your home. If you are feeling the calling to reconnect with your divine feminine energy and the ancient wisdom that has been void in our modern lives – your home is calling out for witch art. Start by placing it in areas of your home that feel sacred as this will enhance the powerful female energy that these prints radiate. Your bedroom is a beautiful place to display witch prints, especially those which combine natural elements such as the moon. Moon magic is very potent and can be used as a guide for making all kinds of life decisions. Create a shrine for your witch print and allow her strong feminine presence to illuminate your space and bathe you in her power.