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Warrior Woman Drawings Prints

Once upon a time, in a long-lost land, women were considered to hold divine powers. Women were held in high regard, and often given the power to reign over kingdoms and lead troops into battle. In ancient mythology, female Goddesses were worshipped and called upon for their unfailing strength and courage. Warrior women drawings worship these powerful females whose essence we carry within us today. Hanging these prints inside our homes allows us to channel their forceful energy exactly when we need it the most.

Famous warrior women drawings throughout history

From Cleopatra to the Amazons, history has been full of female warriors. Yet the exact origin of the female warrior has yet to be discovered. Their appearance in myths, legends and history books leads us to believe that it was considered natural and an honour for a woman to take the position of a warrior. In ancient Greek mythology, Athena is the Goddess of war, handicraft and practical reason. This role is represented by Minerva in Roman mythology. These strong women were placed on a pedestal and transcended traditional gender roles, overcoming fear and doubt to show the world their true, authentic power.

Warrior women’s drawings of Eastern cultures

Warrior women are not just present in western art. Throughout the East, warrior women were common and highly respected in society. In Japan, warrior woman drawings depict the striking and elegant figure of the Onna-bugeisha (女武芸者)  an upper-class female warrior. Wives and daughters dreamed of having the honour to fight in battle alongside their Samurai men. Armed with a specially crafted weapon called Naginata, these women stormed battlefields and took down the enemy with their carefully choreographed self-defence moves. 

Awaken your inner warrior woman

We are the great great grandchildren of these ancient warrior women. Within us, we carry their strength, determination and unapologetic nature. Their essence is buried deep inside of us and the idea of awakening it can sometimes fill us with fear. Other Times, women can feel an emotional emptiness as they yearn for an energy that has for so long been silenced.But, if you are feeling the calling, it is time to find your inner warrior woman. Place warrior woman drawings inside your home as an act of rebellion against the patriarchal society that governs us. It is time to reclaim your power and focus on letting go of what no longer serves you or what ties you down.

Meditating with warrior woman drawings

Harnessing the ancient wisdom and feminine force of the warrior women who have gone before us can be achieved through meditation. Let the warrior Goddess come to you, she will show herself when it is time for her to guide you. Find a spot in your home that is personal to you, this could be your bedroom or your dressing room. In this space create a shrine and place your warrior woman print in the centre. Every day, focus on her strength and while you meditate ask her to show you the path you need to take in order to awaken her warrior energy inside of you.