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Spirit Animal Drawings Prints

Spirit Animal Drawings Art Prints

The human and animal relationship has existed since the dawn of time. We have relied on animals for protection and for sustenance and without this shared bond, it is possible that human civilization would never have advanced. Indigenous cultures believe that this relationship extends even further than the mere physical realm. Spirit animals are believed to be messengers and present themselves to us in a whole variety of ways, including through spirit animal drawings.

The belief that animals hold the key that connects humans to the spiritual realm may seem far-fetched but it is deeply rooted in ancient cultures across the world. It is said that this connection highlights aspects of our personalities that may normally be hidden from us in our daily lives and when discovered, we are able to work towards achieving our true life’s purpose. Spirit animal drawings have been discovered in caves and these magical creatures are also depicted in 3D art forms such as totem poles. 

Using spirit animal drawings to discover your totem animal

Traditionally, the concept of spirit animals originated from Native American culture however the idea can easily be adopted and adapted to your own culture. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is more common to find foxes, bears, wolves, dogs, cats and serpents as spirit animals. Meanwhile, in places such as South East Asia, elephants, tigers and monkeys will be more common. If you feel that a certain species is calling you, listen to the signs. What animals do you see in your daily life? Have you had any unusual encounters with animals? Do any animals appear in your dream world? If you are doubting which animal could be your spirit animal, take time to appreciate animals in art. If you feel drawn towards a particular animal, meditate in front of the image and write down any visualisations that appear. Little by little you will begin to feel a connection towards your animal guide. 

Incorporating spirit animal drawings into your home

Our home is our sacred space and the place where we sleep. During our dream state, we allow our mind to travel to our subconscious realms and it is here where we come face to face with our spirit animal guides. With this in mind, the bedroom is the room of the house where your spirit animal’s energy will be the most potent. 

Place your spirit animal drawing print close to where you sleep and every night before falling asleep, close your eyes and focus on the image depicted in the print. This will call the spirit animal towards you allowing you to connect with them on a cosmic level as you sleep. 

Each animal holds a different meaning: wolves teach us to listen to our inner voice, eagles provide us with courage and perspective and foxes teach us to analyse situations. Understanding what your spirit animal is communicating with you will help move you forward on your spiritual journey and help you to achieve your life’s goals.