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Sea Drawings Prints

Sea Drawings Art Prints

The watery depths of the ocean are a realm of mysticism and magic that echoes Earth’s ebbing and flowing. The hypnotic, eternal blue of the ocean has provided inspiration for artists and writers for centuries. Deep beneath the waves, there is a world that only those brave enough to dive in are witness to. Is this you? 

Humans and the Ocean: a love story

Humans have been fascinated by the sea since the dawn of time. Our relationship with this vast expanse of salty water has allowed us to discover new horizons full of exotic treasures. The Ocean is also a valuable source of life, providing a food source that sustains humanity when crops fail. This relationship has always been one of respect. After all, we know all too well the consequences if we anger the Ocean. Her power is capable of creating life but it is also capable of destroying it. The Ocean is to be revered, respected and above all – loved. This is why it is a common motif in many artworks; it is to be admired in all its splendour. 

Sea drawings for emotional healing

If you are one of the valiant souls brave enough to venture down into the depths of the Ocean you will be acquainted with its ethereal nature. The salt water acts as a natural purifier ensuring that all of the negative energy that builds up inside of us is neutralised and cleansed. The Ocean paradise has a revitalising effect on all who bathe in it, both figuratively and literally. This feeling of weightlessness allows us to float along without fear of falling or failing. The sea allows us to be free. Placing sea drawings in our homes allows us to travel to the depths of the Ocean any time we need to be reminded of the treasure that lies within. The Ocean acts as a metaphor for the soul with the ultimate treasure being to discover the authentic version of ourselves.

Meditating with sea drawings

The Ocean is awash with mystical and magical creatures. These symbolic beings show themselves to us when we need them most. Mermaids are mythological creatures whose beauty and unique appearance bewitched sailors and enchanted pirates. Their appearance in sea drawings represents rebirth and renewal. When we are going through a series of major life changes, we can call upon the mermaids to guide us safely to dry land. As we are reborn, they too transform into land-dwelling creatures, showing us that against all odds, we will survive and adapt to our surroundings. Another noteworthy sea creature is the narwhal or the Ocean unicorn. It is said that the narwhal represents magic powers and freedom and that their pointed tusk provides a divine connection to the heavens allowing them to communicate with the spiritual realm. Narwhals are powerful tools for meditation as they force us to connect with the harder-to-reach areas of our psyche, bringing us closer to becoming our authentic selves.