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Leopard Drawings Prints

Leopard Drawings Art Prints

Leopards are one of the most powerful animals in the animal kingdom. Not only does their physical presence command attention but in the spiritual realm they are known for representing the divine feminine, death and rebirth. Their name originates from the ancient Greek words leōn (lion) and pardos (panther) further highlighting their unmatchable strength and regal nature. While very few are lucky enough to view these majestic creatures in the wild, we can still admire their beauty thanks to the many leopard drawings created over time.


Leopards have been roaming the earth for over 2 million years and have been an object of fascination for many cultures. Unfortunately in Western culture this means that the leopard is hunted for its fur. However in African and Eastern cultures it is considered to be a sacred creature. The ancient Egyptians viewed the leopard as a symbol of divinity and if one was to see a vision of a leopard, it was said that they were on a holy path. Stories have been told of the Egyptian mythological figure Seshata, who invented the written word. He is depicted head to toe in leopard skins and is said to have thought that each spot represented a star in the sky. 


Collect leopard drawings and get in touch with your wild side 

If you are one of the lucky souls to be graced with the leopard as your spirit animal, leopard prints are a beautiful way to feel connected to their big cat energy. Leopards appear in our lives when we need them most and their powerful presence will guide you through challenging situations. Their psychic abilities and finely tuned intuition are crucial when it comes to assessing your possible solutions. Yet, don’t forget that in the wild leopards are tactical creatures and favour strategy and strength over facing a problem face on. These solitary beings have a lot to teach us and by filling your home with leopard drawings, you are inviting their precious energy to permeate its way throughout every corner of your living space. Spend time each day meditating with the image of your leopard art in mind in order to find the strength and stamina to push forward with your dreams and goals.

Lessons to be learnt from leopard prints

Let the time-honoured maxim of “a leopard will never change its spots” be a reminder that we cannot change who we are. In fact, when you gaze at the leopard drawings, one of the standout features is the leopard’s stunning beauty. These magical creatures provide us with a deep-rooted connection to the spiritual world and act as a reminder of the unique cosmic power that we hold. Intuition is part of the leopard’s survival mechanism – without it they wouldn’t be successful hunters. Through their wise, all-knowing gaze they invite us to reconnect with our intuition and evaluate all major decisions using heartfelt logic. Is it time for you to rise up and let your inner self roar?