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Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are known for their calming and grounding properties. Just like the plants they depict, these prints remind us of our everlasting connection to nature. Filling our homes with living energy, be it plants, people or pets enhances the space and provides a major boost to our serotonin levels. But, if you are not green-thumbed, you can still experience plant magic through botanical prints.

A little history of botanical prints

Humans have been documenting their fascination with the natural world for as long as we can remember. Yet it was the ancient Greeks who were the first to officially document plants and flowers, most commonly to keep a scientific reference. Crateuas (c. 75 B.C), a doctor and pharmacologist, is widely recognised as being the first botanical illustrator of his kind. However, the 14th-century Codex Vindobonensis is cited as being the earliest surviving complete record of botanical illustration in the world. People referenced this work for centuries and it became the gold standard for botanical study. However as the Victorian era unfolded, it brought with it huge industrial development which saw the birth of photography. Since then, botanical prints have become works of art rather than scientific images used for reference.

Fill your home with nature

The neutral earth tones of botanical prints makes them an universal way to decorate any space. In ancient times, herbs were strung across walls in the kitchen for creating delicious feasts, in the central area plants were used in ceremony and ritual and in the bedroom florals were used to relax or arouse. Take a leaf out of our ancestor’s book and follow the tradition of decorating your home with botanical prints, hand selected to fit each area. Zodiac signs that fall into the earth category feel especially aligned when surrounded by greenery. And you can even make your home feel extra personal by displaying prints of the plants linked to your star sign or birth month.

Let the plants work their magic

Botanical prints are not just pretty to look at but they work hard to reduce our stress levels. Plus, many plants are considered sacred and carry with them potent energy that can be used to enhance our living space. Banana trees are symbols of fertility, positive energy and abundance. Orange trees are considered to bring creativity, good luck and joy. Understanding the sacred language of plants will help you to select the right botanical prints to set the mood for your home. This plant magic can be further amplified by placing real life versions of the plants in your home. Combine them together in a nook of the house, or, dedicate a whole room to a particular plant to feel its energy radiate through your home. Plus, an extra bonus of adding real plants to your home is that they work well to help purify the air, creating a healthy and clean place to live.