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Women Empowerment Drawings Prints

Women Empowerment Drawings Art Prints

There was once a time when women were celebrated and admired for their feminine qualities. Some females were even given Goddess status. Yet, for centuries women’s power has been silenced, pushed out of sight and out of mind. The witch hunts are the most historic example of this and until today, women have struggled to regain their power and position in society. Artists use feminine energy as the source of their inspiration and create women empowerment drawings to remind feminine souls of the power they carry inside. These drawings are powerful tools that can be used by women to reconnect with their power.

The power of the feminine

When we speak of feminine power or feminine energy, we are referring to the inward energy of creation, nurturing and gracefulness. This energy lives in perfect harmony with our masculine energy (our outward energy) and when both are aligned, we experience a feeling of balance and calmness. Yet, in our male-dominated world, it is easy for our female energy to lie dormant. We have grown to become so disassociated with our feminine power that it is hard to recognise its existence. But, once awoken, its tender, beautiful wholesome energy cannot be mistaken. Feminine energy is all around us: the moon (feminine) reflects the sun’s light (masculine) and Mother Nature (feminine) creates the natural beauty that surrounds us. If you think about it, we are bathed in feminine energy every day. 

Why are women empowerment drawings important? 

Feminine energy is all about connecting with our wild, untamed side and embracing the raw, sensual nature that lies within. Make your home a shrine to this sacred energy and fill your walls with women empowerment drawings that depict the female form in all its glory. Choose areas of the home where this energy can be used wisely. The bedroom, kitchen and lounge are key areas that lend themselves to a creative or sensual atmosphere. Jil-Laura’s ultra-feminine drawings radiate feminine power with each stroke of ink. Her prints Sunset Dew and Harvest Full Moon show the naked female form, stripped bare to capture the hypnotic relationship shared between woman and nature. The Earth is nourished by the sensual presence of the woman and blossoms into a rich and beautiful fertile space – a metaphor for female energy. Infusing our homes with these images allows us to reconnect with our ancestral feminine wisdom and in turn be in tune with our higher self. 

Choosing women empowerment drawings for your home

Knowing which women empowerment drawings to add to your home will depend on the energy you wish to receive and activate in your day-to-day life. If you are wanting to feel reconnected to your sensual feminine energy then you will be drawn to images of the naked female form living freely in nature. However, if you wish to tap into the inner strength and wisdom of our female ancestors then Goddess prints and scenes of female folklore will stand out to you. Be guided by your intuition and don’t shy away from owning your feminine power.