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Star Sign Drawings Prints


Some say that it is written in the stars, while others believe that our personalities are formed by our everyday experiences. But, whether you believe in nature or nurture, there is no denying the beauty of star sign drawings. 

What are star signs? 

Astrology is a divination practice based on select constellations that appear in the sky when we are born. The collective name for these constellations is the zodiac. The zodiac is divided into twelve signs, each one reflecting a certain time of the year. Those born within this window of time are said to have their sun sign in that chosen sign. For example, those born at the end of August until the middle of September fall under Virgo whose symbol is the maiden. It is believed that we pick up character traits from the Zodiac and these were bestowed upon us by the cosmos at the time of our birth. It is also thought that we can predict our futures and gain access to ancient wisdom that can guide us through tough moments – all from our star sign.

A brief history of star sign drawings

Astrology and art have been interlinked for centuries. Before people could read and write they would gaze up at the night sky in an attempt to make sense of the world around them. Cave paintings and ancient Egyptian art reference the zodiac, showing the rising and setting of this group of star constellations. The first recorded astrological artworks date back to 17,000–c. 15,000 BCE, however, this is just western astrology. Eastern cultures also have their own zodiac systems that have also been recorded in artworks since the dawn of time.

Using star sign prints for personal development

Knowing and understanding our star sign is a powerful way to connect with our higher self. Astrology maps the journey of the soul and empowers us to see life symbolically. This shifts our focus from the physical journey of our bodies to the energetic journey that our mind, body and soul travel on throughout their time on Earth. As soon as we tap into the ancient wisdom carried by the zodiac we allow ourselves to be guided by the universe’s GPS and ultimately align our self and spirit. Meditating while focusing on your chosen star sign prints is a beautiful and powerful way to reconnect with our purpose and begin to reconnect with our unique power. 

Placing zodiac sign drawings in your home

The comfort of star sign drawings is that you can place them anywhere that you desire. Their energy is so potent that it will radiate throughout your home filling it with its light. At Tropia Art, we love creating a shrine by placing zodiac sign drawings of your sun, moon and rising signs to honour your inner and outer self. These prints will forge a direct connection between you and the heavens which will help to keep you on your life’s path, rerouting you when you veer off-course. Each zodiac print represents the energy you carry inside of you, the same energy that the cosmos planted inside of you the day that you were born. Place these prints in an area of the home where you spend the most time to feel their full, nurturing influence.