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Snake Drawings Prints

Snake drawings Art Prints

Throughout ancient cultures, snakes were celebrated as symbols of fertility and creativity. Depending on the nuances of each culture, further attributes are given to the snake, nearly all of which are positive. In ancient Greek culture, snakes were associated with the God Asclepius, the God of healing. This association links snakes to medicine, healing, primal energy, wisdom and protection. Their powerful nature is reflected in their ability to shed their skin which also makes them a symbol of revival and rebirth. Using snake drawings, we can capture their spiritual energy and let it infuse into our daily lives.

Snake drawings and religion

In the Western world, the most common association with snakes is with the Garden of Eden in the Bible. Instead of portraying snakes in a feminine way, linking them to creation and fertility, the Bible views them through a masculine gaze. In the book of Genesis, the snake symbolises temptation as it was believed to have tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. This negative view of serpents has now become engrained in society yet, the irony has not been lost as to the fact that a snake was present at the beginning of life. Yet, not all religions shine a negative light on snakes. In India, the Goddess Manasa is the Goddess of snakes and her name translates as Intelligence, she is considered to be a very important fertility deity. 

Goddess snake drawings

This celebration of the female connection with serpents also took place on the island of Crete. It was here that the Minoan people settled and it was believed that they were the last civilization to live in harmony with nature before wars began. Their deities were mostly female and recent excavations of the area have revealed figurines of Goddesses enveloped in snakes – the ultimate sign of fertility, protection and supreme power.

Cobra power in snake drawings

Artwork has the power to act as a talisman protecting you from evil. This level of protection is amplified even more when the subject matter also reflects this energy. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs adorned their crowns with images of the cobra in order to indicate their power and divine wisdom. It was believed that the cobra embodied all the power of the snake but was gifted with the ability to protect from disease, connect with ancient knowledge and enhance positive power. There were viewed as being the sacred serpent and thought to have a direct connection to the heavenly bodies. Placing images of serpents, especially cobras, in our homes honours our connection to divine feminine energy and allows us to be cloaked in a feeling of protection and wisdom. Try creating a corner of your home dedicated to snake drawings and combine them with images of your favourite Goddesses or other powerful spirit guides to amplify the power.