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Moon Goddess Drawings Prints

The moon’s energy is a powerful force, especially for women. When we are intune with it, our natural cycles flow with ease and we are able to connect with our femininity in a much deeper way. Yet, with modern life’s frantic pace mixed with city living, it is easy to feel disconnected from the moon’s heavenly power. Moon Goddess drawings are a wonderful reminder for us to tune into the moon’s cycles and take note of their influence in our day-to-day lives.

In ancient times, all calendars were lunar and the moon was used as a way to gauge time. The importance of the moon was felt even more by smaller communities who had little way of connecting with the outside world. In a time when there were no street lights, the moon illuminated the earth, guiding us through the darkest of nights. Because of the Moon’s importance in our daily lives, moon Goddesses were held in high regard.

Types of moon Goddess drawings

Moon Goddesses are depicted in many ways in the world of Tropia Art. Whether they are basking in, dancing in, or honouring the sacred lunar energy these Goddesses all embody the mysterious and divine ways of the moon. Io, the high priestess in Greek mythology is often depicted with white cows as a reference to her destiny. Meanwhile Chang’e, the principal Chinese moon Goddess is most commonly found taking refuge in the moon to escape the wrath of her consort Hou Yi. There is not one singular way in which moon Goddess drawings are created since each culture has their varying interpretation of a lunar Goddess. Yet, while these prints may look different, they all embody the moon’s sacred power.

Working with moon Goddess drawings to connect with our cycles

Placing moon Goddess drawings in your home is a beautiful way to connect with the moon and her cycles. In ancient times, women who lived in tight-knit communities usually bled at the same time with their cycles also syncing with the lunar cycle. It was easy to see our relationship with nature and our connection to our inner and outer worlds. When we place moon art in our homes we begin to take notice of the lunar phases and how much magic the moon has to offer us.

Since there are many moon Goddesses, we are able to choose one that we feel a deep-rooted connection with. Their guidance will influence our journey of reconnection with the moon and ultimately as we honour the moon’s phases, we will also honour our own. Moon Goddesses are highly feminine individuals and if you feel an instinctive need to reconnect with your feminine side, these cosmic souls are the best guiding force. To ensure their energy is extra potent, hang moon Goddess prints in your bedroom so that they can work their magic while you are sleeping. Moon Goddess drawings will provide you with all the energy you need to create a powerful space.