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Libra artwork: Choosing the best wall decor for the Libra home

Libras are all about balance. But how does that translate into home decor? Read on to discover how to style your home the Libra way.
Libras are all about balance. But how does that translate into home decor? Read on to discover how to style your home the Libra way.

If your birthday falls between the 22nd of September and the 21st of October your Zodiac sign is Libra. People born in this sign tend to bring a sense of balance and harmony wherever they go. Their diplomatic nature means that they will do anything to maintain the status quo, yet they love nothing more than being around people. You may be mistaken in thinking that as such a social butterfly, there is no time for a Libra to enjoy domestic bliss. On the contrary, despite their social reputation, these souls are all about deep 1:1 relationships which leave them plenty of time for relaxing at home. Since beauty is very important for Libras when it comes to their home, expect to see Libra artwork adorning the walls and beautiful motifs dotted throughout the rooms. If you want to upgrade your Libra home visually, discover how to select the best wall decor for your space.

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Famous libra artwork inspiration from the stars

Filling a home with Libra artwork is no easy task. Since Libras are governed by the Goddess Venus, Libras are picky about aesthetics. A work of art must be stunningly beautiful to the Libra eye, inspiring feelings of love, passion and life within their creative soul. When looking at the homes of famous Libras, the topic of art crops up time and time again. Kim Kardashian’s minimalist cream home which she calls her “minimal monastery” was designed by the famous Belgian art dealer and interior designer, Axel Vervoordt. The beige paradise provides a relaxing setting for her to display her high-profile art collection but, in true Libra style, Kim says her favourite artworks are those painted by her daughter North. Serena Williams is another famous Libra who is also passionate about art and collecting beautiful things. So much so that her Miami mansion has its own art gallery featuring a mix ‘n’ match selection of modern masterpieces.

What to look for when choosing Libra wall art

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, art, beauty and peace. When browsing Libra artwork, one thing that will stand out is the use of light pastel blues, light green and anything that reflects the air element that governs them. Since Libras are air signs, they are highly intellectual and expect their art to be laced with symbolism and hold great meaning. Common Libra symbols are the scales which represent balance, nature, white doves representing peace and the grey wolf- their spirit animal. It is not uncommon for a Libra to be drawn to mystical topics and zodiac artwork would not be out of place in the Libra home. When choosing Libra artwork, it is important to select works that display balanced composition, symmetrical design and a calming colour scheme. Also consider selecting wall art that can be displayed as a series to further enhance the importance of balance for Libras.

Decorate your bedroom with Libra artwork to create a relaxing space to rest

Libra painting styles for the entranceway

In the Libra home, tranquillity is key. From the moment you step inside the Libra home you will notice a calming sensation which is further enriched by the choice of decor. Libras are not known for their neat freak tendencies and they tend to live surrounded by clutter. Yet everything chosen by this sign was selected for its beauty and fine quality making the whole set up feel like it was carefully curated. These romantic souls will often choose atmospheric paintings for their space to create a comforting and cosy environment. Grey rainy day scenes, windswept scenes of the English countryside or anything with animals are just some of the themes that crop up often in Libra artwork. Consider placing a creative print of the Libra spirit animal, the grey wolf, in the entranceway to ward off evil, provide protection and remind the Libra of their loyalty towards their loved ones.

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Placing libra drawings in the living room

Libras are in constant search of balance so don’t be surprised if their decor changes with the seasons. Natural elements such as wooden furniture, a log fire and neutral soft furnishings provide the ideal Libra canvas for their creativity to run wild. Sentimental items hold infinite decorating opportunities for the Libra home so you can expect to see heirlooms and travel souvenirs sharing shelf space with second hand books and old photographs. For the walls, Libras often embrace their air element energy when decorating the living room and the best way to do this is through wall art that depicts birds, free spirited mythical beings or winged creatures such as bats or insects.

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Decorate the bedroom with Libra posters

If the Libra living room is full of bright, powerful energy that invites you to explore the world, then the Libra bedroom is the opposite. Libras need balance and their bedroom is where they go to rest and recharge their batteries. This space should be supercharged with Venus Goddess female energy and the perfect way to do this is to combine Venus inspired objects. Copper decorative elements, amethyst crystals and roses are all key symbols associated with this Goddess. The bedroom is also a fantastic space to decorate with images of the moon and the Libra spirit animal, the grey wolf. Their presence will provide a relaxing but protective energy that works in symmetry with the creative and delicate Venus energy.

Libra decor for the kitchen

The kitchen is the most creative space in the home and Libras take this to heart. Don’t expect boring, conventional decor here. Quite the opposite. Libra’s power number is 7 and when combined with kitchen decor you can expect this to translate into odd numbers of chairs, utensils and wild and wacky decorations. Libras are not ones to take themselves too seriously and since the kitchen is the heart of the home, they want this space to feel fun and light hearted. The ideal Libra artwork for this space is art that is playful, satirical or just downright silly. Surrealist artwork would be ideal for this room as would the Tropia Art print of India’s Sacred Animals which depicts a Jenga like collection of wild and free exotic animals. Other prints such as The Myth Garden also provide the rich, creative wildness that Libra souls crave for their kitchen decor. So, as you can see, the key to using artwork to decorate the Libra home is finding a creative balance. Split the space up, room by room and create a visual maze of combining and contrasting styles.

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